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madrid traffic at night

Madrid meetings hail new digital age for the transport sector

16 Mar 2017

IRU is holding its bi-annual Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators meeting today in Madrid.  Over 20 national associations are participating and the agenda puts the spotlight on the launch of e-CMR, the latest developments and how associations can support the introduction of e-CMR in their countries.

Present at the meetings, Boris Blanche, Chief Operating Officer at IRU, comments,
“The digitalisation of transport operations has reached yet another milestone this week, with Spain and France launching their digital national notes. It is exciting to be here in Madrid to engage with the Spanish and international transport sector on mapping the path ahead and to support Spain’s role in working with France and IRU to lead the e-CMR innovation.”

IRU’s presence in the Americas is a feature of the discussions, which also cover the relationship between American and European markets, and how IRU can help create a bridge between them. IRU members from Mexico are participants.

Also in Madrid, the 17th National Transport Forum organised by Asociación Española de Codificiación Comercial (AECOC), taking place from 16-17 March, unites transporters, shippers, associations and public agencies to discuss new trends and challenges affecting freight transport.  

This year’s theme is La Hora de la Digitalización (the time for digitalisation). Zeljko Jeftic, IRU Global Head of Innovation, is a keynote speaker, presenting the Consequences of European Policies on Goods Transport, which will consider how policy frameworks can facilitate and regulate new innovations in logistics operations.