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IRU International Commissions


Supporting the drive for a better global industry

IRU has expert Commissions, advisory groups which help develop policies, best practice and programmes in key areas: customs affairs, road safety, social affairs, services, technical affairs.

Helping the road transport industry get ready today for the challenges of tomorrow

Commissions work for, and with, IRU member associations, applying their expertise to help develop draft policy positions for IRU's two Transport Councils.

The Commissions serve in an advisory, information and research capacity.

Commission on Customs Affairs (CAD)

The Commission on Customs Affairs focuses on laws and processes to make crossing borders quicker and more efficient. It also advises on the expansion and modernisation of TIR.

Linked to this is the Commission's work on educating and informing partners on flexibility and security at borders, and monitoring the evolution and implementation of trade facilitation legislation.

The Commission on Customs Affairs is also known by its French acronym, CAD.

President: Michaela Havelkova (Czech Republic)
Vice Presidents: Alberts Merzlyakovs (Latvia) and Hasan Abdullah Almanasif (Saudi Arabia)

Commission on Social Affairs (CAS)

The Commission on Social Affairs aims to create a sustainable balance between market interests and social conditions in the road transport sector.

The Commission works closely with IRU members, the European Union and global regulators, as well as enforcers and trade unions. 

It focuses on securing employers’ interests and on formulating policy in many social and enforcement areas. These include social and working condition regulations such as driving and working time, driver training, and harmonisation of enforcement and applicable labour laws.

The Commission on Social Affairs is also known by its French acronym, CAS.

President: Roxanne Ilie (Romania)
Vice-Presidents: Jan-Terje Mentzoni (Norway), José Manuel Pardo (Spain)

Commission on Technical Affairs (CIT)

The Commission on Technical Affairs makes recommendations on technical matters concerning how transport operators can more securely, safely and efficiently transport goods and passengers by road.

In cooperation with heavy duty commercial vehicle manufacturers and tyre makers, the Commission analyses and assesses technical developments in order to optimise operations, productivity, mobility, safety, security, environmental protection and fuel-efficiency in road transport.

Priorities include reducing carbon emissions and noise, assessing energy savings, and optimising weights and dimensions of vehicles to improve capacity and productivity.

The Commission on Technical Affairs is also known by its French acronym, CIT.

President: Mårten Johansson (Sweden)
Vice-Presidents: Francesco Ramagnoli (Italy)