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Technical assistance

Technical assistance

IRU advises governments, public authorities, and international and regional institutions on improving road safety; trade and transit facilitation, security and transparency; transport standards and efficiency; and mobility and logistics sector performance.

With 75 years of experience in delivering impact on the ground, IRU’s network spans more than 100 countries. 

IRU delivers development and technical assistance projects with its membership base, representing more than 3.5 million transport operating companies worldwide, and trusted partnerships with hundreds of multilateral and national organisations across the globe.

A notable example is TIR, the United Nations' longest continuous private-public partnership, in place since 1949.

Investing in development

Road transport underpins every UN Sustainable Development Goal

Moving people and goods efficiently, safely and sustainably by road – in domestic and international multimodal mobility networks and logistics supply chains – is a fundamental component of all successful economies and communities.

In a globalised world, building a more professional road transport sector and better cross-border procedures drives multiple benefits in development, economic growth, trade, social prosperity, inclusion, safety, security and sustainability.

Our portfolio

Projects are delivered via two complementary service portfolios: formalising and professionalising the transport sector and improving trade facilitation and transit optimisation.

1. Industry formalisation

  • Recommend new legal entities and registration processes
  • Formalise contractual relationships, develop contracts
  • Set up industry representation such as federations and associations
  • Guide and train industry representative organisations

2. Institutional framework and market structure

  • Develop new and enhance existing legal frameworks on access to the profession and market
  • Road safety

3. Training and certification 

More information

1. TIR accession and implementation

  • Develop and support implementation of national strategies
  • Establish best practice and knowledge sharing programmes

2. Border crossing optimisation

  • Conduct needs assessments (public and private actors)
  • Develop and/or execute strategy (national & international)

3. Transit and transport policy development

  • Transcribe international law into national regulations
  • Support new bi- and multilateral trade agreements
  • Assist countries in implementing transit related objectives of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

4. Digital solutions for transport and logistics

  • Develop custom solutions for B2B and B2G connectivity
  • Advise on transport and transit digitalisation strategies and solutions

Why IRU?

  • A unique public/private perspective 
    A global not-for-profit organisation bridging public and private sectors to identify and roll out solutions.
  • Proven experience
    75 years of “on-the-ground” experience and knowledge, with an in-depth understanding of problems and solutions, and a proven ability to scale up positive change effectively through private sector networks.
  • Official UN status
    Observer status in major UN bodies, representing the road transport industry; mandated by the UN to run the TIR system.
  • Long-standing partnerships with global and regional multilateral bodies 
    Partnerships with the ILO, ITC, UNECE and other UN bodies; ITF/OECD; the European Union, EEC, ECO, BSEC, OAS and many other regional bodies.  
  • Strong global member and partner network
    Extended expertise and delivery potential with local experts in 100+ countries in all global regions; IRU Academy programmes in 40+ countries (100,000+ drivers trained).
  • Recognised international standards
    Experience in developing and implementing global standards, for example the United Nations TIR, ADR and CMR conventions.


IRU advises governments, public authorities, and international and regional institutions on improving road safety; trade and transit facilitation, security and transparency


Our projects

IRU has a strong track record in development and technical assistance project delivery. Explore some of our past projects.

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