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The voice of the regions

IRU has two committees serving our member associations within the freight transport community, in Eurasia and in the European Union.

The Committees help members in a region come together to debate solutions, decide on policy, and have their voice heard.

Connecting the EU and beyond

EU Goods Transport Liaison Committee

The EU Goods Transport Liaison Committee flies the flag for the goods transport and logistics community in the European Union. It raises political and public awareness about the benefits that road freight mobility brings to economies, trade, jobs and communities.

The Committee is a key player in shaping EU policies and advocating the rights of IRU members within the road freight transport and logistics community on issues as diverse as innovative logistics concepts, secure parking, emissions and rules on driving and rest times.

A key part of its work lies in tackling the facilitation of more efficient and sustainable mobility of goods, and supporting the development of new concepts, systems, services and environmental standards.

The EU Goods Transport Liaison Committee is also known by its French acronym, CLTM.

President: Elmer de Bruin (Netherlands)  
Vice-Presidents: Vytautas Naudužas (Lithuania) and Dirk Saile (Germany)

A bridge between two continents

Liaison Committee to Eurasia

The main focus of the Liaison Committee to Eurasia is promoting TIR, sustainable transport, mobility, infrastructure development and transport links between Europe and Asia.

Given the many countries on this huge landmass, the Committee works hard to harmonise rules between countries to eliminate non-physical barriers to trade and facilitate the flow of goods between countries and customs unions.

The Liaison Committee to Eurasia is also known by its French acronym, CLEA.

President: Mr Sanjar Pulatov (Uzbekistan)  
Vice-Presidents: Mr Iulian Postică, (Moldova), Mr Siyovush Shokirov, (Tajikistan)