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IRU is the world road transport organisation. We represent the entire industry – bus, coach, truck and taxi, and drive the sustainable mobility of people and goods across the planet.

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IRU is the world road transport organisation

As the voice of more than 3.5 million companies operating mobility and logistics services in over 100 countries, we lead solutions to help the world move better. IRU’s work supports trade, economic growth, jobs, safety, the environment and communities. 

At the heart of IRU are millions of journeys across the planet every day: people and goods moving to where they need to be, in buses, coaches, taxis or trucks, for all, or even just a small part, of their journey.


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Our vision

Be the global leader in connecting societies with safe, efficient, green mobility and logistics.

Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

Our mission

IRU brings together business, partnering with those who regulate, serve and use our industry by:

IRU prosperity, people, environment

Prosperity – promoting better mobility and logistics. A more connected world is key to building prosperous economies so IRU and our partners promote clear and transparent standards necessary to build prosperity and growth. 

People – Standing up for our communities. People are at the heart of our industry so IRU makes our roads safer for all, and tackles the root causes of the increasingly acute driver shortage by fostering harmonised rules and standards designed to ensure safer, fairer working conditions, and a better image of the industry. 

Environment – Building a more sustainable world. The world is facing a climate emergency, so IRU and our partners advocate a transport, mobility and logistics world in which sustainability becomes a universal, empowering tool to guarantee business success.

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Who are our members?

IRU members are primarily national associations for passenger or goods transport. They include associations of truck, bus, coach and taxi operators, associations for a specific category of road transport, chambers of commerce and automobile clubs. IRU also has associate members who are national and international not-for profit associations and companies.

IRU members

IRU members

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