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IRU RoadMasters Certification and standards hydrocarbur passenger drivers

IRU RoadMasters

What can RoadMasters do for you?

The driver’s role is becoming more varied. In addition to operating the vehicle, professional drivers needs to provide the correct documentation at borders, load and unload cargo, deliver goods to clients and respond appropriately to unexpected situations. Passenger transport drivers also need to ensure comfort on board and deal with technical and medical emergencies. 

These non-driving skills often have a greater impact on performance and efficiency than the driving itself.  

IRU RoadMasters is a solution that measures all elements of driver competence. It provides managers with actionable analytics dashboards at the individual, unit and company levels, enabling them to take informed action.

RoadMasters provides you with:

  • A simple and structured analysis of driver skills.
  • An evaluation of competencies throughout your geographic locations, business lines and subcontractors.
  • Automated skills analytics reports.


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The benefits of RoadMasters

Increase business efficiency

By identifying and addressing skills gaps, you can avoid fines, reduce equipment wear and tear and reduce fuel costs. Tracking drivers’ skills enables you to interpret your telematics data to take proactive steps before your KPIs are affected.

Reduce training costs

Assessing your drivers enables you to identify areas for development. You can use this information to implement targeted training. Training costs are reduced when you only train your drivers in the skills they really need. 

Manage your risks

Developing an in-depth knowledge of your drivers on the basis of objective data will help you to mitigate the risk of accidents. It also helps you meet audit requirements and can prove compliance with your clients’ requirements. Assessment can also be used to screen your partners to ensure high professional standards are always upheld.

Improve your brand image

Internationally recognised certification demonstrates to your customers that your drivers are true professionals. It shows your commitment to safety, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Work with the right people

Obtaining skills profiles during the recruitment process helps you select the right candidates and tailor their induction programmes to their needs. It also helps you attract and retain drivers because it shows you are serious about professional development and excellence. 


How our clients use RoadMasters

All IRU RoadMasters programmes are tailored to the needs of a specific type of transport and were developed on the basis of international best practices. The programmes cover general goods transport and the transport of hydrocarbon products, as well as buses and coaches. 

RoadMasters can be used in many different business contexts to reach a variety of business objectives. The dynamic dashboards and the analytics provided can be tailored to your business needs. Here are some examples:


The Middle East Logistics High Institute (MELI): Hydrocarbon certification in the Gulf

The Middle East Logistics High Institute (MELI): Hydrocarbon certification in the GulfIn 2019, IRU RoadMasters for hydrocarbon truck drivers was endorsed by ARAMCO, with a view to ensuring the safe and efficient transport of hydrocarbons across its site-to-site operations. 

IRU RoadMasters provides ARAMCO with an internationally accredited, in-depth skills assessment for drivers handling hazardous materials. 

The training included in the programme helps companies to support their newly qualified drivers. Operators can rely on this programme to strengthen their long-term competitive advantage by reducing liability exposure, decreasing road incidents and cutting related costs.

AMER BADARNEH, General Manager, Middle East Logistics Institute (MELI)

“The IRU Hydrocarbons Driver Programme ensures Saudi ARAMCO’s drivers are demonstrating the highest professional standards when transporting hydrocarbon materials.”

Amer Badarneh

General Manager, Middle East Logistics Institute (MELI)

ALSA: Passenger transport certification in Spain

ALSA: Passenger transport certification in Spain

IRU member ALSA is a leading bus and coach operator in Spain and throughout Europe. In 2019, ALSA turned to RoadMasters for independent assessment of its drivers. 

IRU used its in-depth skills assessment that includes both computer-based knowledge analysis and practical skills assessments, to measure driver skills and knowledge in four areas: driving, vehicle knowledge, emergency management and customer service. Reports were generated with detailed feedback for each driver. 

ALSA uses this data to continuously strengthen professional excellence, gain customer trust and attract and retain the best drivers.


"We wanted to make sure that we are accredited by an external body. It’s all about building trust with our partners wherever we can. Anybody can simply say that they have the best drivers. We want to go one step further and actually show that we do using objective data.”

Juan Antonio Esteban

HR Manager, ALSA

Web based



Knowledge analysis

  • Web-based assessment on a tablet or computer with internet access (accessible anytime, anywhere)
  • Simple to implement
  • Easily scalable
  • Consistent
  • Short duration

In-depth skills assessment

  • Web-based assessment in a monitored setting

  • Standardised on the job evaluation by a certified assessor

  • Rich analytics

  • Recognition of skill level with certificates for successful candidates

  • QR-code online certificate authentication

  • Training sessions can be included in the programme


IRU RoadMasters dashboard
IRU RoadMasters provides actionable analytics that you can use for decision-making


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