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IRU Partnerships


IRU is the voice of more than 3.5 million companies operating road transport services via a unique network of national association and multinational corporation members around the world. 

Together, they represent more than 115m trucks, vans, buses and coaches run by more than 20m workers.

With this core constituency, IRU works with a wide range of partners to advance sustainable, efficient and professional road transport. 

Partnerships focus on a combination of intelligence, networking, advocacy, outreach and collaboration, often for a specific theme, segment or particular region.

Strategic partners

IRU works with major companies on strategic challenges such as sustainability or digitalisation, or in a particular region, within tailored long-term partnerships. These partnerships work within IRU’s network to build collaborative initiatives, develop roadmaps and tools, explore intelligence and market insights, and grow thought leadership and brand value.

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Institutional partners

IRU has partnerships with international organisations such as the United Nations, regional bodies such as the EU and GCC, and development institutions such as the World Bank. These partnerships centre on proposing, developing, negotiating and implementing new standards, rules, laws and best practice models that enable transport to be safer, greener and more efficient.

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Association partners

IRU partners with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry associations and specialised firms at regional and international level. These partnerships address challenges and solutions in certain areas of the commercial road transport sector including specific operator, supplier and user segments.

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Research partners

The World Bank, the UNECE and the United Nations are some of our partners on projects across all five continents. Together, we help facilitate trade and open economies to the global market.

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Media partners

IRU works with media and event organisations in transport, business and political spheres. These partnerships support advocacy, intelligence and best practice outreach to the commercial road transport industry and its regulators, suppliers and users.

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IRU works with companies who would like to sponsor a specific IRU event. Sponsorship arrangements target a specific IRU event, over a limited period of time.

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Kristin Hodgkinson, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, EMEA, Lytx

“Working with the IRU is a highly valued partnership. The team is proactive with their ideas and truly understands the market challenges, recognising how partnerships can benefit our common goals of safer, sustainable roads. I look forward to continuing our collaboration and discovering inspiring ways to positively impact the industry for the greater good.”

Kristin Hodgkinson

Senior Partner Marketing Manager, EMEA, Lytx