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IRU in Eurasia Russia TIRActing as a bridge between Europe and Asia

Being the bridge between Europe and Asia, the region includes Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia, six countries from the Economic Cooperation Organization region, and countries in Central Asia. The overriding characteristic of this region is that each country has different levels of development, in terms of its road transport operations and infrastructure.


Promoting connectivity

Modernising roadside and ancillary infrastructures, implementing visa procedures for drivers and training all levels of the workforce are some of the region’s priorities to increase connectivity to European and Asian markets.

IRU’s Academy Associate Training Institutes and the organisation’s cooperation with local authorities towards unifying regulations and permits strive to help Eurasia achieve its connectivity and mobility goals.

Reinventing ancient routes and opening new ones

Eurasia has a strategic transit location at the crossroads of key transport and trade corridors. Hard infrastructure linking the modes is imperative for transport connectivity. It should be accompanied by the necessary soft infrastructure to speed up border crossings and minimalise congestion at ports and terminals. 

As digital momentum builds, IRU is focused on rolling out digital TIR and e-CMR, the consignment note, thus paving the way to fully digital transport corridors.

IRU regional office

Eurasia (Moscow)
Eurasia (Moscow)

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