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Examiner - National training, examination and certification systems

IRU Examiner

National training, examination and certification systems

IRU Examiner is a tailored institutional solution for governments and examination bodies to assess and certify road transport professionals based on international standards and best practice.

Why use a standardised approach?

Professionalising the road transport sector in a country or region improves transport safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Establishing a recognised professional standard helps attract new recruits to the industry, boosting the sector’s performance and its contribution to long-term economic growth and social development. 

What is IRU Examiner?

IRU Examiner is a ready-made platform to establish road transport professional qualification – focusing on examination methodology and certification – that any country or region can implement for passenger and goods transport.

IRU Examiner is developed and implemented with public-private partnerships, bringing together the expertise, resources and capacity of government and training and examination bodies.

Typically, these partnerships involve ministries of transport, industry associations, training institutes, and other relevant public authorities.

Why use IRU Examiner?

  • Adaptable – IRU Examiner can be easily tailored to local needs, applying to some or all professionals in road transport, including managers and drivers.   
  • Expertise – IRU Examiner is based on more than 30 years of IRU expertise in developing and driving professional qualification standards for road transport.
  • Integrated – IRU Examiner has a fully integrated workflow to manage training, examination and certification in one system.
  • Tools – IRU Examiner provides a wide range of tools including question banks, e-assessment solutions, and digital checklists to monitor and record driver and manager performance standards.
  • Trust – IRU Examiner conveys trust to all government and industry stakeholders, based on recognised international standards and IRU’s global reputation.


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