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Certification & Standards

Championing professional excellence

Professional excellence drives growth

With 85-90 percent of accidents involving commercial vehicles due to human error, there is a strong case for skills development and professional excellence for improved safety through internationally recognised standards. The cost of addressing the skill gaps of drivers and implementing safety practices at both national and company level can be recouped by increased efficiency, fewer crashes and fines, lower fuel consumption and less vehicle maintenance.

IRU certifies thousands of drivers and transport operators every year to ensure better safety, efficiency and sustainability. Our network of transport associations and operators, government agencies, vocational schools and universities work with us to make road transport more professional.

"By assessing and certifying our drivers we motivate them to continuously improve their knowledge and skills"

ALSA Autobuses, Spain

Motivating a sustainable workforce

For road transport to continue to be a mainstay of national economies and global supply chains there needs to be far greater investment in its workforce. The industry is facing a serious skills shortage and is failing to attract and retain staff, particularly professional drivers.

To meet these challenges, road transport needs skilled and motivated personnel working at full capacity, reaching the highest possible standards. Advances in technology and online learning allow IRU’s training offering to have an ever-growing reach.

Technical assistance

IRU advises governments, public authorities, and international and regional institutions on formalising and professionalising the transport sector to boost road safety, transport standards and efficiency, and mobility and logistics sector performance.

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IRU Academy

The IRU Academy is the training arm of IRU. Through a network of over 40+ Associate Training Institutes (ATI) across the globe, we train and certify thousands of mobility and transport logistic professionals every year to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability.

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IRU Examiner

IRU Examiner is an institutional solution for tailored examination and certification frameworks for road transport professionals based on international standards.

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IRU RoadMasters skills management tools

IRU Roadmasters is an industry certification that measures the competence of drivers before, during, and after the hiring process.

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