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Driving test programme all you need to know

Driving test programme: all you need to know

Guide about driving test programme

In many places, a minimum number of driving lessons with a professional driving instructor are mandatory to obtain a driver’s licence. The goal of the driving test programme is to educate and train drivers to be highly skilled and competent. Below, we have outlined what the driving test programme involves.

What is a driving test programme?

Drivers education programmes are designed to help drivers of every age learn about regulations in place, and know how to keep themselves and others safe on the road. In some countries, these programmes are available to teens during their high school education. For example, in Canada, teen drivers under 18 years old have to complete a driver's education course and, behind the wheel, training to get a driving permit.

A driving test programme gives you all the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to become a safe driver and pass your driving theory and practical tests. You need to complete a specific number of hours behind the wheel during your driver’s education programme. Aside from your driving lessons, you also learn about traffic laws and how to deal with road hazards and safety. You can also find online drivers education programmes.

What are the different stages of a driving test programme?

Assessment with an instructor

The first step is an assessment. Your driving instructor discusses your goals, motivations and any previous experience. They evaluate your skills and knowledge and recommend how many driving lessons you need. Make the most of their feedback!

Preparation for the driving theory test

Driving theory classes prepare you for the practical lessons. They focus on the hazards you may encounter, traffic signs and current regulations. The driving theory test evaluates your knowledge of traffic laws, safety, hazards, etc.

During the programme, you have the possibility to take practice tests so you know what to expect on the day of your test. These practice rounds help to become used to the format of the exam and to the type of questions in the actual test. They are also an opportunity to highlight improvement areas before the test. You can count on your driving school and the instructor to provide all the supporting and study material you need for the test. If anything is missing or you need more, ask them!

Preparation for the practical test

So you have passed the theory driving test - congratulations! Now you are ready for the practical part of the driving programme. Your driving instructor is here to prepare you for the practical exam but also to help you become a responsible driver. This means teaching you skills like proper use of mirrors, traffic signs, observation, speed, etc.

During your programme, you will get a lot of opportunities to practise your driving skills with your instructor. They usually choose a variety of routes and locations to drive on, so you become familiar with an array of situations, and develop all your driving skills. The instructor also keeps track of your progress and helps you develop the skills you can improve. You can also ask for a mock exam to be completely familiar with the process.

How to prepare for the driving test programme?

Proper planning is key to getting the most out of your driving education programme. Calculate the cost and time it will take to complete your course. Taking a driving education course is an investment, so make sure you use your time and money well. Speak with an instructor who can advise you on how much time you should invest each week. Prepare any necessary documentation, for example, photos and your provisional driving licence.

Driving for the first time is daunting. But once you are at the wheel, you are in charge! Observe other experienced drivers, practise as much as you can. The more comfortable you are with your vehicle, different hazards and road conditions, the better!

A driving test programme trains you to become a safe and confident driver. You will learn more than just basic skills. You will also learn driving habits that will guarantee the greatest road safety.


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