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road transport impact on environment


Commercial road transport services are at the heart of mobility, delivering economic and social prosperity around the world. It is fundamental that this essential industry has a sustainable outlook when it comes to economic viability, social responsibility but also to decarbonisation and how transport interacts with the natural environment.

For many decades, IRU has represented its members and the wider industry in making commercial road transport greener, from IRU’s first sustainable development charter in the late 1990s to reducing pollutant NOX particles from engines by more than 98% over the past 25 years.

IRU’s most important work now is decarbonising the global commercial road transport sector.

IRU’s vision for decarbonisation

IRU’s Decarbonisation Vision, adopted by members, outlines the path forward for carbon neutral road transport mobility and logistics.

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IRU Green compact

Based on IRU’s decarbonisation vision, the IRU Green Compact is the industry’s collective global commitment and roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Roxana Ilie, Responsible for representation and information, UNTRR, Romania

“IRU is guiding our way through the challenging task of further greening road transport, which has become a pressing matter globally.”

Roxana Ilie

Responsible for representation and information, UNTRR, Romania

Climate action from IRU and ITF at COP25