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IRU positions on road transport issues
IRU positions

IRU’s positions provide the foundation for our views and recommendations on the commercial road transport industry and how it should operate and be regulated.

IRU members have proposed, debated and approved a wide range of positions over the past seven decades. They are often developed in one or more of IRU’s governance bodies, before being voted upon in one of our two transport councils or the General Assembly.

Our positions cover both goods and passenger transport, and are generally global in scope, although they will sometimes have specific regional policies or implications.

These are the foundation for IRU’s work, in particular our advocacy work with governments, the UN and international organisations, industry suppliers and partners, and transport operators themselves to advance on issues and opportunities around people, prosperity and the environment.

Over the years our positions have led to many concrete results, from global United Nations conventions through to operational practices in areas ranging from safety and trade through to sustainability and technology.

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