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IRU Presidential executive

Presidential Executive

Elected in November 2019, the new Presidential Executive will drive IRU’s mission and vision for the next two years

The Presidential Executive (PE) is led by the IRU President, who also chairs the General Assembly.

The PE members are responsible for ensuring IRU adheres to the most important rules within our organisation – the IRU Constitution and Rules of Procedure. They have active directional or managerial functions within IRU active member associations or in road transport companies. This guarantees they are always in touch with what is happening in the industry and are in the best position to run IRU effectively and efficiently, for the benefit of all the mobility and logistics operators we represent.

Mr Radu Dinescu, UNTRR, Romania

Vice Presidents
Ms Asli Çalik, TOBB, Turkey
Mr Patrick Westelinck, FBAA, Belgium

Other Presidential Executive members
Mr Jan Buczek, ZMPD, Poland
Mr Bekmyrat Eyeberdiev, THADA, Turkmenistan
Mr Eduart Kasa, ANALTIR, Albania
Mr Andrey Kurushin, ASMAP, Russia
Ms Christiane Leonard, BDO, Germany
Mr Erik Oestergaard, DTL, Denmark
Mr Jos Sales, FLEAA, Luxembourg

IRU Presidential executive members
Front, from left to right: Eduart Kasa (ANALTIR, Albania), Christiane Leonard (BDO, Germany), Asli Çalik (TOBB, Turkey), Radu Dinescu (UNTRR, Romania), Patrick Westelinck (FBAA, Belgium), Erik Oestergaard (DTL, Denmark).
Back, from left to right: Bekmyrat Eyeberdiev (THADA, Turkmenistan), Andrey Kurushin (ASMAP, Russia), Jos Sales (FLEAA, Luxembourg), Christian Labrot (IRU past President, BWVL, Germany), Umberto de Pretto (IRU Secretary General), Jan Buczek (ZMPD, Poland).