Presidential Executive

Presidential Executive

Acting on the decisions taken by the General Assembly

Members of the Presidential Executive are responsible for ensuring IRU adheres to the most important rules within our organisation – the IRU Constitution and Rules of Procedure. This team acts whenever necessary, and also establishes all rules and directives we need to run IRU safely and efficiently.

The IRU President leads the Presidential Executive and also chairs the General Assembly. The rest of the Presidential Executive comprises up to 12 members who have active directional or managerial functions within IRU active member associations or in road transport companies. This guarantees they’re always in touch with what’s happening in the industry.

From left to right (back): Jos Sales, FLEAA, Luxembourg; Bekmyrat Eyeberdiev, THADA, Turkmenistan; Radu Dinescu, IRU Vice President, UNTRR, Romania; Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General; Frans Vrins, IRU Accounts Commissioner; Graham Smith, President, IRU Finance Commission; Leonid Kostiuchenko, AsMAP UA, Ukraine

From left to right (front): Janusz Lacny, Past President, not a current member, ZMPD, Poland; Andrey Kurushin, ASMAP, Russian Federation; Erlandas Mikenas, LINAVA, Lithuania; Christian Labrot, IRU President, BWVL, Germany; Florence Berthelot, FNTR, France; Yves Mannaerts, IRU Vice President, FBAA, Belgium; Jan Buczek, ZMPD, Poland

Absent: Izzet Salah, UND, Turkey; Peter Cullum, IRU Accounts Commissioner