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IRU in the Americas truck trade tir corridors road transportThe future? Dynamic and multi-modal

Working with our membership base across the Americas, we help shape policies and programmes for better mobility, border facilitation, professional training and decarbonisation.

As a region with various export hubs, there are key challenges to strengthening intra-regional transport integration. Facilitating trade and border operations, and improving transport infrastructure, are crucial priorities.

Together with our members ATA, CANACAR and CTA, we have established the North American Transportation Forum to bring together IRU members, supply chain leaders, the wider industry and governments to improve cross-border transport and logistics in the region.


Road safety is essential to the well-being of people and societies, and vital for economic growth and prosperity. Addressing human error, the leading cause of all road accidents, is crucial to strengthening a culture of road safety.

For decades, IRU and its members have strived to make road transport safer for everyone, including drivers, exchanging information and research on driver fatigue, accident causation, advanced driver-assistance safety technologies, and various other initiatives, all with the objective of enhancing highway safety. 


A key IRU goal is to facilitate trade and road transport across the Americas with existing UN conventions and instruments, such as the TIR system

Argentina, Canada, Chile, the United States and Uruguay are already signatories of the TIR Convention. IRU is now supporting Brazil’s accession to TIR, as well as the accession of Paraguay, opening the door to more efficient and secure trade.

We also assist countries in harmonising transport links between seaports, rail and road with a view to developing dynamic, multimodal national and regional transport hubs.


The road transport industry is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We are helping the industry and governments to deliver on energy efficiency measures and alternative fuels implementation while advocating for greater investment in collective transport, including through the IRU Green Compact.

Buses are a reliable and heavily used mode of transport across the Americas. IRU supports continued improvements to passenger road transport, working with national and local governments and regional organisations to design policies that put buses at the heart of urban transport.

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