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IRU RoadMasters for passenger transport

IRU RoadMasters for passenger transport

How IRU measures driver competence for passenger transport

Bus and coach drivers need to be able to do much more than just drive. While skills such as defensive driving and adjusting to different road conditions are essential, drivers also need to be able to ensure passenger comfort, handle requests and respond to on-board and traffic emergencies. 

IRU RoadMasters assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of the skills that bus and coach drivers need. The assessments are tailored to passenger transport and were developed with leading companies in the sector.


Skill areas measured by IRU RoadMasters

RoadMasters skill areas passenger

Customer service

  • Greeting passengers
  • Responding to passenger inquiries
  • Managing difficult passenger situations
  • Managing passengers with special needs

Passenger emergencies

  • Handling medical emergencies
  • Dealing with disruptive behaviour
  • Evacuating passengers

Vehicle operation

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspection
  • Boarding and exiting procedures
  • Hazard perception
  • Adjusting driving to conditions
  • Managing stress and fatigue

Vehicle emergencies

  • Handling system failures
  • Dealing with accidents
  • Tackling fires


What's in it for you?

Increase business efficiency

Assessing your drivers enables you to identify areas for development. You can use this information to implement targeted training for individuals, specific teams or the whole company. Training costs are reduced when you only train your drivers in the skills they really need. Driver certification will also enable you to comply with tender requirements, with drivers who keep to timetables and maintain high professional standards.

Manage your risks

In-depth knowledge of your drivers can be used to ensure passenger safety and mitigate the risk of major accidents. Assessment can also be used to screen your mobility partners to ensure that high safety standards are always upheld.

Improve your brand image

Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring your passengers are in good hands. Assess temporary drivers to guarantee high standards of service and a smooth flow of passengers, even at peak times. External internationally recognised certification demonstrates to your customers that you take their safety and comfort seriously.

Work with the right people

Obtaining skills profiles during the recruitment process helps you select the right candidates and tailor their induction programmes to their needs. It also helps your long-term employees to develop their skills and ensure even seldom used skills - such as responding to emergencies - are up to date. Good drivers want to excel in their work and offering them opportunities to improve shows them that their professional excellence is a priority within your company. 


Programme content

Assessment measures customer service and vehicle handling skills, covering everyday best practices and exceptional situations and emergencies.

Customer service & passenger emergencies

Driver is able to:

  • Ensure passenger comfort
  • Manage different situations related to passenger inquiries
  • Deal with medical emergencies on board
  • Evaluate passengers' needs

Vehicle operation and road emergencies

Driver is able to:

  • Drive safely and comfortably and adjust to different driving conditions
  • Conduct vehicle checks and identify critical failures
  • Manage vehicle while ensuring smooth passenger flow
  • Deal with road accidents and fire