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Professional qualification capacity building

IRU Academy Advisory Services

Establishing national qualification standards for transport operators and professional drivers

In 2010, the United Nations announced its ‘Decade of Road Safety’ which seeks to reduce road traffic fatalities around the world. Although most accidents are not caused by road transport professionals, studies have shown that the ‘human factor’ does account for 85% to 90% of road accidents. IRU Academy already provides comprehensive safety training for commercial drivers and transport operators through classroom led or online courses.

IRU Academy has also developed a whole range of services that can be mobilised to assist countries that require assistance to conduct reforms and enhance their road transport sector. In the field of professional qualification, IRU Academy’s methodology to establish national qualification frameworks follows a systematic approach that ensures application of recognised international best practices.

The IRU Academy offers high-end professional training references together with the necessary examination and certification capabilities, resulting in ready-made professional road transport qualification systems that can be deployed in line with the specific needs of the country. 

national qualification standards for transport operators and professional drivers

How IRU Academy provides assistance

  • Providing support in the definition and development of an appropriate professional qualification legal framework in compliance with internationally recognised industry standards. 
  • Building up of professional road transport qualification system in the country through compliance with the standards required for IRU Academy accreditation of training institutions. The institutions eligible to deliver training benefit from assistance to set up their training capacity.
  • Setting up of harmonised examination system, in line with internationally recognised examination requirements and carried out in partnership with the designated national bodies.
  • Supporting authorised entities in accessing IRU Academy International certification system to issue qualification documents to eligible transport managers and commercial drivers.

Participants in establishing national qualification frameworks

  • IRU Academy
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Interior
  • National Qualification Authorisation Body (N-QAB)
  • Accredited Training Institutions (ATIs)
  • Examination Bodies (EBs)
  • Students / candidates