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Togo adopts new law developed by IRU and World Bank to modernise transport
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Togo adopts new law developed by IRU and World Bank to modernise transport

23 Feb 2023 · Prosperity

The Parliament of Togo has unanimously endorsed a new transport law developed by IRU with the support of the World Bank.

IRU, drawing on its global expertise, advised the Togolese government, transport operators and professional organisations on revamping the transport sector and improving its operation. These efforts, which were initiated in 2019 and supported by the World Bank, culminated into a new transport law adopted by the Parliament of Togo.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “This is a great achievement and development for the road transport and logistics sector in Togo and regionally.

“We drew on 75 years of experience to help Togo formalise and professionalise its transport sector, the backbone of the logistics sector and economy. Without road transport, there is no trade.”

“We look forward to continuing our work with the government of Togo. Our advisory work is built on unique expertise that we’ve developed over the decades, together with our members, governments, international organisations, and transport operators,” he added.

The Togo formalisation and professionalisation project is part of a wider strategy to boost the competitiveness of the country’s logistics sector, in line with Togo’s national development plan.

Launched by the government of Togo in cooperation with technical and financial partners, the plan aims to turn Togo into a regional logistics hub and business centre of excellence. A short film produced by IRU and the government of Togo, with the support of the World Bank, presents its objectives and key actions.

Regional integration is pivotal to trade and economic growth. The World Bank has initiated a new framework project, the Lome-Ouagadougou-Niamey Economic Corridor, which will further support regional economies in harmonising standards and infrastructure projects.

The World Bank and IRU published a comprehensive toolkit, which laid the foundation for the project in Togo, to guide policymakers in developing and reforming road transport.

IRU is continuing its technical assistance work and is currently supporting Benin in reforming its driver licencing system, supporting the country's efforts to reduce road traffic mortality.

Working with governments, policy makers and industry partners, IRU's advisory services are at the forefront of the drive to professionalise the road transport industry.