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IRU modernises road transport in Togo
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IRU modernises road transport in Togo

12 Oct 2020 · People, Prosperity

With the support of the World Bank, IRU has delivered the third phase of a five-part road transport reform project in Togo.

This stage focused on providing new laws to regulate the road transport industry, including access to the profession. A comprehensive set of model contracts clarifying roles and responsibilities of transport companies was also developed.

The project began in 2019, when IRU was selected as the organisation best suited to reform the road transport sector in Togo. Since then, IRU has been advising the Togolese government on how to build cost-effective, safe and high-quality transport systems. The improvements made over the course of this project should help establish the country as a transport hub, facilitating trade and reducing poverty in the region.

The last two steps will focus on establishing a road transport federation to represent the interests of the industry and implementing a training and qualification framework to professionalise the sector, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.  

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