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Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators

Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators

Permanent and long-term working programme

  • Exchange information on current developments and future trends in services and project opportunities available to road transport operators.

  • Support IRU Members to follow and adapt to future trends on commercial services to road transport operators by informing them of latest developments on innovation related items such as the digital market, ride/freight sharing platforms, etc.

  • Assess new commercial services available to the market which have proven benefits to road transport operators and have a sound business case. This includes discussions with commercial companies providing relevant services.

  • Explore opportunities and necessary steps to initiate services through publicly co-funded opportunities.

  • Propose and support the implementation of new services to be provided by the IRU or through IRU commercial co-operations.

  • Cooperate with IRU Projects to ensure a strong portfolio of new, strategically important co-funded activities for road transport operators.