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New fast track for transport of national goods in France and Spain

15 Mar 2017

With domestic trade accounting for most transport operations in Europe, the first national digital consignment notes are launched this week in France and Spain –revolutionising transport operations at the national level.

Coordinated by IRU members – Association of International Road Transport in Spain and Fédération Nationale des Transports Routiers in France – the launch follows the successful deployment of the cross-border e-CMR last month.

National consignment notes are used for 65 percent of the nearly two billion tonne-kilometres performed by European hauliers each year across Europe.

IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto said,
“With the digitalisation of both national and cross-border consignment notes, we are truly at the beginning of transformation in transport operations. We look forward to more corridors switching to digital systems and new launches in further countries over the coming months, as digital consignment notes bring efficiencies and greater transparency across all transport operations.”

As with e-CMR, the national note enables transport operators to input information electronically, store logistics reports and exchange data in real time via a mobile phone or tablet. The timely recording of data means that agencies instantly receive information on the goods being transported. Any required subsequent actions, happen faster and at less cost.

The efficiencies of going digital facilitate game-changing innovations such as autonomous vehicles. Equally, the move towards digitised documentation reduces the environmental impact of global trade by streamlining processes, using less paper and minimising archival requirements.

In Spain, the national consignment note – or carta de porte – represents 65 percent of goods transport by Spanish hauliers. In France, the national consignment note – or lettre de voiture – represents an even greater percentage of over 90 percent.

The paper based carta de porte and lettre de voiture are official documents on shipments between senders and transporters, providing a paper trail of the logistics transfer and is an essential document held by the driver of the truck in relation to the load carried.

The launch of national electronic notes comes in advance of IRU meetings held in Madrid tomorrow – the bi-annual Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators – addressing the latest developments in transport operations including opportunities such as the introduction of national consignment notes, e-CMR, route planners, tolling and freight exchange to insurance.



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