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UN resolution welcomes pillars of professionalism, sustainability and safety – championed by IRU Academy

24 Feb 2017

UN Economic Commission for Europe’s Inland Transport Committee (UNECE) resolu-tion adopted today recognises IRU Academy initiatives to raise professional standards to make the road transport industry safer and more sustainable.

The resolution highlights the training programmes provided by national training institutes, taking into account the best practice provided by IRU Academy.

A recently published World Bank/IRU guide on road transport services reform, reinforces the message, highlighting how the cost of training drivers and promoting eco-driving techniques can be recouped by fewer crashes and fines, lower fuel consumption and less vehicle maintenance. Accidents involving commercial vehicles are between 80-90 percent due to human error, posing an even stronger case for driver training for improved safety through internationally recognised standards.

To improve the efficiency, sustainability, effectiveness and accountability of the sector, the IRU Academy increases global standards in professional road transport training, and helps keep our roads safer.

With a network of 65 Associate Training Institutes in over 45 countries, the Academy certifies thousands of drivers and transport operators every year. It also develops campaign initiatives to raise awareness on certain issues, and train-the-trainer programmes to boost overall training capacity in the sector.

The resolution was adopted at the 2017 session of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee (ITC).