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IRU Academy

The certification arm of IRU

Professional excellence drives growth

The cost of training drivers and promoting eco-driving techniques can be recouped by fewer crashes and fines, lower fuel consumption and less vehicle maintenance. With 85-90 percent of accidents involving commercial vehicles due to human error, there is an even stronger case for driver training for improved safety through internationally recognised standards.

The IRU Academy certifies thousands of drivers and transport operators every year to ensure better safety, efficiency and sustainability. Our network of transport associations and operators, government agencies, vocational schools and universities work with us to make road transport more professional.

Shaping policy, professional qualification frameworks and online courses

We offer high level advisory at policy level – through projects such as the IRU/World Bank Guide for Policy Makers and through global advocacy – as well as a range of professional qualification and certification programmes through a network of over 65 Associate Training Institutes (ATIs) in more than 45 countries. In addition, the IRU Academy is working with partners on direct e-learning courses.

Through these channels, the IRU Academy defines, sets up, manages, organises and controls professional qualification programmes and we create the suitable framework for establishing the infrastructure necessary for the industry to benefit from a professional learning environment. We also run programme-related Train the Trainer courses aimed at ATI Instructors.

ECO-Driving is changing attitudes towards driving. It’s a good way to become a better and safer driver.

Mladen Jambrović, Ekomobilis, Croatia

Motivating a sustainable workforce

For road transport to continue to be a mainstay of national economies and global supply chains there needs to be far greater investment in its workforce. The industry is facing a serious skills shortage and is failing to attract and retain staff, particularly professional drivers.

To meet these challenges road transport needs skilled and motivated personnel working at full capacity, reaching the highest possible standards. Advances in technology and online learning allow IRU Academy training to have an ever-growing reach, particularly in developing countries.

Certification and standards

Drivers are a key asset of any transport company. Customer satisfaction and trust in the company depend to a large extent on their ability to operate vehicles safely and provide impeccable service to customers. So how can you help your drivers reach the required level?

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Expertise and advisory

The IRU Academy equips the industry with the knowledge and skills to change and improve performance. Through our advisory arm, we work with governments, policy makers and industry leaders to create strategic and focused reform to effect far-reaching advances in logistics performance.

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IRU Academy programmes

IRU Academy Associate Training Institutes help deliver high quality professional qualification from industry experts around the world. Join this influential global network.

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