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IRU Academy

Training the industry in safety, efficiency and sustainability

The IRU Academy is the world’s leading global professional road transport training organisation

With a network of 65 Associate Training Institutes in more than 46 countries, the Academy trains thousands of drivers and transport operators every year.

The IRU Academy also develops campaign initiatives to raise awareness on certain issues, and train-the-trainer programmes to increase overall training capacity in the sector.

To improve the efficiency, sustainability, effectiveness and accountability of the sector, the IRU Academy increases global standards in professional road transport training, and helps keep our roads safer.

The IRU Academy is the only global body dedicated to road transport training

Invest in people

Training is an essential investment in the future success of any transport business. Good training and recognised certification also make the industry more professional, with higher standards and a reliable and motivated workforce. The IRU Academy’s portfolio will help your business be more efficient and sustainable, increase driver retention and motivation, and make our roads safer.

Why train with us?

Expert-led courses

The IRU Academy’s portfolio of internationally recognised courses ranges from the certification of managers and drivers for professional competency, to issues such as driving and rest times, crash prevention, safe cargo loading and securing, carrying dangerous goods, and eco-driving.

IRU Academy courses

Partner with us

IRU Academy Associate Training Institutes help deliver high quality training from industry experts around the world. Join this influential global network.

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Overseeing the Academy: the Advisory Board

The IRU Academy is overseen by our Advisory Committee, a high-level strategic advisory body to the IRU Secretariat General. Also known as the ADC, this Committee advises on vocational training in the road transport industry and on the general functioning of the Academy.

In particular, the ADC makes recommendations as to how training in the road transport sector should be developed, taking into account general economic, environmental and transport policy concerns. The ADC ensures that training programmes meet the overall goal of the industry to improve productivity, make good use of technological advancements and fulfill labour market and social requirements.

The IRU Academy Advisory Committee is comprised of key international partners from the road transport sector. Together, these partners verify that the scope and strategy of training offered by the IRU Academy is aligned with the priorities of the road transport sector.

Overseeing the Institutions: the Admission team

Whereas the ADC ensures the good running of the Academy, the Admission Committee (AAC) oversees and supports the quality development of our Institutions, inside and outside the Academy.

The Committee comprises a panel of experts whose primary role is to ensure each Institute has the right documentation to become an Associate Training Institute and to later be  recommended to the IRU Academy Secretariat as an official ATI. The Committee does this by providing knowledge, input and by helping the Secretariat determine which Institute qualifies for admission.

The AAC also has an external role, whereby it promotes the IRU Academy, its programmes and activities to a wider audience.

Who are the members of the Admission Committee?

The commitee is composed of ATI managers for each IRU Academy Programme as well as a representative from the IRU Academy Secretariat. Any ATIs that are particularly successful and achieve the highest number of diplomas in the last two years are also nominated to the Committee. A geographic representation is also required across the region in which the IRU Academy is active.