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Helping Ukraine’s refugees one bus at a time
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Helping Ukraine’s refugees one bus at a time

21 Mar 2022 · People

IRU member FlixBus has responded immediately to the war in Ukraine by offering free rides and additional connections as well as providing support on the ground to refugees fleeing the country. The company is working with governments to include it in their planning of humanitarian relief plans.

The war in Ukraine has resulted in millions of people needing urgent transport. FlixBus immediately organised additional connections from Polish and Romanian cities for anyone leaving Ukraine.  

Since 25 February, 6,500 free rides for refugees have been provided through a Flixbus employee initiative. Over 20,000 refugees have reached European destinations, mainly in Poland, Romania and Germany. 

Local companies, aid organisations as well as embassies and private individuals have also widely supported the actions of the company in using its coaches to transport more than 20 tonnes of relief supplies to and across the Ukrainian border.

Daniel Krauss, CIO at parent company FlixMobility, confirmed that, with its wide network of partners, the company is able to mobilise up to 1,000 buses to transport refugees as well as urgently needed goods to the affected areas.

Flixbus business partners - coach transport operators - in affected areas are central in the company’s relief efforts. For example, Czech bus company Umbrella Coach & Buses has been transporting refugees in coordination with the International Red Cross and the Czech Consulate, in addition to collecting and delivering necessities where needed.

"I am particularly proud of our team in these times. Whether it is the initiative to donate free tickets, to actively help on site or to collect relief supplies in our offices: Our team is showing full commitment."

Daniel Krauss
CIO - FlixMobility