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East-west connectivity on agenda for IRU and TRACECA

2 Mar 2023 · Prosperity

The Secretaries General of IRU and the Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) have held high-level talks on evolving routes, intermodal transport and digitalisation.

In a bilateral meeting, Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of TRACECA, and IRU’s Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, discussed the importance of the Middle Corridor connecting Europe with Central Asia, as well as effectively combining transport modes, especially rail, road and maritime.

East-west connectivity on agenda for IRU and TRACECAUmberto de Pretto stressed IRU’s support for intermodal transport and the role of pragmatic digital solutions in facilitating the combination of transport modes.

A swift transition from paper to digital documents is needed to reduce the time and cost of transport connecting east and west.

As well as digitalising documents, we should also strive to optimise data flows and data management, highlighted Umberto de Pretto. He added that dialogue among authorities and business partners managing various modes of transport is key to achieving such optimisation.

The Secretaries General also underscored the need to promote international instruments, such as TIR and CMR, and their digital versions, to government and business to reinforce security and trust among all actors in supply chains.

Asset Assavbayev also presented an award to Umberto de Pretto for his and IRU’s efforts to promote innovation and improve transport along east-west corridors.

IRU and TRACECA will continue working together to promote the security and facilitation of transport and trade and advance harmonised and pragmatic solutions for both the public and private sector.