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mobile with taxi in background

One stop mobility shop goes transnational

8 Jun 2017

IRU’s MyCorridor initiative – a three year EU project to develop an intermodal, on-demand mobility service operating between different countries – has kicked off.

Taking Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), which integrates various forms of transport into a unified mobility platform, accessible through a single app, MyCorridor seeks to extend the system to incorporate intercity, international travel.

The key concept behind MaaS is to put users at the core of transport services and offer them tailor made mobility solutions based on individual needs.

There is already a trend towards the deployment of MaaS as a one-stop-shop for mobility services within single cities and countries. MyCorridor involves 17 partners from eight EU countries, who will shape a constructive business, technical and legal framework, while also piloting projects across the EU.

The scope includes research into user behaviour and needs, sustainable intermodal transport, interoperability of data and services, internet-based platforms for information, booking and travelling and ethical requirements.