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what is road passenger transport


Getting more people moving

The freedom to be able to get around – to work, visit friends or travel – is a fundamental human right, decreed by the United Nations. At IRU, our commitment to passenger mobility means ensuring communities around the world have access to safe, clean and green transport, including buses, coaches and taxis, and this work lies at the core of IRU activities.

As the voice of the road transport sector, we are the leading global organisation that defends and promotes high service quality. We work with the United Nations and with governments to lobby for policies on passenger transport; we partner with transport associations, academia and transport ministries to actively implement programmes that get more people moving by collective passenger transport.

We promote high service quality

Our work within the passenger transport industry is wide-ranging. We operate in rural areas, ensuring that communities are connected to proper transport links. We work with cities and transport ministers to make urban transport safe, secure and sustainable. We not only defend the high service quality of passengers who use these services, and support those working in the industry - taxi, bus and coach drivers. We campaign on their behalf for better business conditions, working standards and professional practices that will keep their industry thriving.

Taxi of the future: The challenge of change

The taxi industry is in flux, with a revolution in regulatory frameworks and business models underway. With this in mind, IRU, working together with its partners and members, is leading an initiative focused on meeting the challenge of change with the Taxi of the Future.

UpTop ensures better taxi services for passengers

UpTop is a worldwide community of almost 500,000 taxi professionals on five continents. This is the fastest-growing mobile taxi network in the world, with 30,000 new taxis joining every month. UpTop partners help taxi customers connect with legal, reliable and high quality taxis locally, so that taxis continue to play an essential role in our everyday experience, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Move

Launched in 2009, Smart Move is a global campaign that champions the use of buses and coaches as the cleanest, safest and most efficient way to travel, and seeks to double the use of buses and coaches.

Smart Move Awards

Every two years, in the framework of its Smart Move Campaign, IRU rewards candidates who demonstrate innovation and excellence in supporting and promoting sustainable mobility by bus and coach. The objective of these awards is to highlight cities and passenger transport companies that promote a greater use of buses and coaches while respecting the Smart Move values of affordability, safety, environmental performance, efficiency and user-friendliness.