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IRU highlights training to improve road safety at African Road Safety event

18 Jun 2018

Increased training, the deployment of new technologies and a coherent regulatory environment are the life-saving elements required to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Africa. 

Taking part in an event to raise awareness of road safety through film, IRU spoke out about the human cost of traffic accidents, and the necessary steps to end the tragic loss of life and injury. 

“The key to saving lives is better training, as 85 to 90 per cent of accidents are due to human behaviour. This means that all drivers regardless of their vehicle type should receive basic road safety training. Every accident is one accident too many,” explained IRU Academy head Patrick Philipp in his remarks to participants. 

Mr. Philipp also addressed the urgent need to incorporate transport managers in road safety courses.

Participants at the gathering watched numerous documentaries from across the continent. They also shared best practices for mitigating road traffic deaths and injuries. Organisers expressed the hope that they would return to their communities better equipped to promote road safety training.