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Safer roads, safer people

Safety drives all aspects of IRU's work. Road safety is essential to the well-being of people and societies, and vital for economic growth and prosperity. For decades, IRU has worked to make commercial road transport safer for everyone.

IRU has a very wide range of projects, campaigns and courses in place to help make the world’s roads a safer place. Whether its drivers involved in collisions, making roads safer for pedestrians, or safely handling and securing any cargo that’s being carried, we take safety seriously.

Our main safety initiatives are run through the IRU Academy, and include:

  • Crash Prevention Programme
    This increases risk awareness and encourages road safety best practices among commercial drivers to reduce the number of accidents and ultimately save lives.

  • Safe Loading and Cargo Securing Programme
    Addresses road safety by training road transport professionals in how to load and secure cargo to ensure safe and legal cargo traffic on roads.

  • The search for the most skilled driver
    We think it’s really important to celebrate safe driving, and we do this together with truck manufacturer, Scania, and by promoting the Young European Truck Driver Competition. Each Award typically attracts 80,000 candidates from 40 countries.

  • Meet Lars Søndergård, Driver of the year 2015, from Denmark.

  • Visit the Scania website.

  • We also have a free library of road safety publications and studies carried out by IRU.