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We need your help: IRU Driver Shortage Survey 2023
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We need your help: IRU Driver Shortage Survey 2023

6 Mar 2023 · People

Identifying and analysing robust data on driver shortages has been central to our collective actions and political lobbying at the national and global level. The 2023 IRU Driver Shortage Survey is still open. We invite you to share it with your members.

The global shortage of drivers is one of the most pressing issues facing our industry.

With your indispensable support, we have been conducting an annual survey since 2019, monitoring the size of driver shortages, investigating the principal causes, and identifying solutions.

Many of you have used the findings in your advocacy and lobbying activities at the national level. The data also fuels our actions at the regional and global level.

We launched the 2023 Driver Shortage Survey in February to collect the latest figures on driver shortages.

To obtain sufficient information, we invite you to share the 2023 Driver Shortage Survey with your members.

If we have sufficient responses on your country, thanks to your work promoting the survey among your members, we will also produce a dedicated country-specific report in addition to the global report. Last year, we published 19 individual country reports. We hope to produce more this year.

Your involvement is crucial to obtaining reliable data on our industry. Together, we can gain data-driven insights and push authorities to take bold action in addressing driver shortages.

Full link to 2023 Driver Shortage Survey: