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Update on TIR system operations in Romania

30 Jan 2018

IRU’s decision to terminate the Deeds of Engagement with ARTRI takes effect on 31 January 2018. In line with this decision, insurance coverage provided by the global insurer in the name of ARTRI will not be valid after this date. 

All TIR carnets issued by ARTRI to its TIR holders up to 31 January 2018 (23:59 Bucharest time) will remain valid and may be presented for acceptance at any Customs office of departure on or before the final date of the carnet’s validity, in line with Article 9 of the TIR Convention. 

As from 1 February 2018 (00:00 Bucharest time), ARTRI will not be authorised to issue TIR carnets under the TIR International guarantee system. All unissued ARTRI TIR carnets will be invalidated by IRU at that time, and the relevant information sent to the competent Customs authorities in all Contracting Parties. 

UNTRR will therefore, perform all TIR activities in Romania from 1 February 2018, as that country’s sole TIR issuing and guaranteeing association for which they have received a due authorisation by the competent authorities in line with the TIR Convention, notably Article 6.2 and Annex 9, Part I. UNTRR, established in 1990, has already been authorised by Romanian Customs since 1993 to issue TIR carnets at the national level. 

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