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Ukraine latest country to ratify e-CMR protocol
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Ukraine latest country to ratify e-CMR protocol

15 Jul 2020 · Prosperity

The Ukrainian government has ratified e-CMR, the electronic protocol of the standard consignment note under the United Nations Convention for the carriage of goods. This move from paper-based to electronic consignment notes will improve the efficiency and safety of goods transport.  

With Ukraine’s ratification, 27 countries are now formally committed to implementing e-CMR, mainly in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. 

Given its strategic location, Ukraine’s use of e-CMR will drive trade by improving domestic and international logistics efficiency. The use of e-CMR will also speed up Ukraine’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis by significantly lowering transport costs and reducing physical contact between drivers and clients. 

IRU and its members will continue to promote e-CMR as a critical tool to improve the speed, efficiency and security of trade and logistics.