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IRU unlocks opportunity with new deep-dive into industry’s challenges
Global | Geneva

IRU unlocks opportunity with new deep-dive into industry’s challenges

18 Dec 2018

Following the release of The Future of Road Transport, which offered a first snapshot of the challenges and opportunities facing the road transport industry, IRU offers further in-depth analysis on how the key actors of the industry are pre-empting future business opportunities.

IRU’s deep dive into “Unlocking Innovation Technologies” is a thorough analysis of these challenges and opportunities in the form of a new report.

Trade wars, increasing trade tariffs and geopolitical instability are all challenges which keep the road transport industry awake at night. The sector is also experiencing its own growing pains as the landscape of change accelerates at a staggering pace.

This new report provides a truly global picture, with the critical insights to ensure the sustainability of the sector. The findings draw on interviews with transport operators, brokers, freight forwarders, shippers & international organisations. Themes include: global trends in road transport: an industry under pressure; technological disruptions: major innovations to turn pressure into business opportunity; and how to embrace disruption to stay competitive.