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Unlocking the innovation opportunities
Unlocking the innovation opportunities

What is in this report?

The report “Unlocking the innovation opportunities, The view from the frontline” explores the challenges and opportunities facing the road sector. 

The findings of this report come from in-depth interviews conducted with key representatives from the road transport industry (transport operators, brokers and freight forwarding firms, shippers etc.)

It provides a truly global picture, with insights coming from the operations about how the key actors of the industry see the fast changing world and figure out the business opportunities: 

  • Global trends in road transport: an industry under pressure 
  • Technological disruptions: major innovations to turn pressure into business opportunity 
  • Evolve to grow: embracing disruptions to stay competitive

Published on: 18/12/2018 - 09:25
Author: IRU
Type of document: Reports & publications
Region: Global
Size: 57 pages