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Help for stranded trucks and drivers in Ukraine
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Help for stranded trucks and drivers in Ukraine

2 Mar 2022 · People, Prosperity

With the support of our members, IRU is continuously in contact with authorities and partners across Europe and Eurasia to help solve problems of trucks stranded due to the Ukraine crisis – both in Ukraine and in other countries.

The problem is particularly acute in Ukraine. Drivers, their vehicles and their cargos are being held up by authorities and unable to continue their journey home.

This can be due to a range of issues including altered customs processes, driver nationality, vehicle registration and origin of cargo.

Member associations with member companies in this position are requested to contact IRU member AsMAP Ukraine for assistance. They will contact the Ukrainian military administration to help get the vehicle, cargo and driver released.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible, including:

  • Border crossing point or city/address where the truck is
  • Vehicle registration plate of the truck and trailer
  • Driver’s name as in their passport
  • Cargo details: empty or loaded. If loaded, the country of origin of the goods.
  • Onward routing (border crossing point, city/address)
  • Country of destination

Multiple stranded trucks can be grouped together in one request, ideally by border crossing point.

If you are a transport operator or driver and need help, please contact your national IRU member association. You can also contact for more information.