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CAD elects new leadership and looks ahead
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CAD elects new leadership and looks ahead

28 Jun 2022 · Prosperity

IRU’s Commission on Customs Affairs (CAD) has re-elected it`s president and elected vice presidents respectively from the Czech Republic, Latvia and Saudi Arabia. 

Michaela Havelkova (ČESMAD BOHEMIA, Czech Republic) has been elected as the new President of IRU’s Commission on Customs Affairs. Alberts Merzlyakovs (Latvijas Auto, Latvia) and Hasan Abdullah Almanasif (SATA, Saudi Arabia) were elected as the Commission’s two new Vice-Presidents. 

The new leadership for 2022-2024 was elected at a recent CAD meeting, held virtually and bringing together TIR associations from 42 countries. Other IRU members, including corporations, also attended in a sign of the Commission’s growing focus beyond the TIR system. 

CAD looks at making border crossings quicker and more efficient, including through the increased use and modernisation of TIR. The Commission informs partners on flexibility and security at borders, and monitors trade facilitation legislation.

Members discussed supply chain disruptions, evolving trade corridors and their transit capacity, and deployment of navigation seals for goods transport in Eurasia at the recent meeting. They decided on the development and promotion of IRU’s Business Connections module, on proposing amendments to the TIR Convention and on next steps for TIR digitalisation. 

IRU members also shared best practices, including AIRCUZ, from Uzbekistan, on digitalising TIR admission procedures, and TOBB, from Turkey, on an Authorised Consignor/Consignee concept and TIR carnet distribution.