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Border challenges on agenda in Mexico for IRU 75th anniversary event
Americas | Cancun

Border challenges on agenda in Mexico for IRU 75th anniversary event

20 Sep 2023 · Prosperity

IRU’s North American Transportation Forum is gathering at CANACAR’s national convention in Mexico tomorrow to unpack obstacles and opportunities for cross-border operations in the region.

Commercial road transport links North American supply chains and mobility networks, empowering economic and social development across the entire region.

Many issues impact carriers running cross-border services, including infrastructure, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on free trade, border process and trade facilitation protocols, as well as differing national standards and approaches to decarbonisation, digitalisation and driver shortages. Yet, there are also many opportunities.

In cooperation with IRU members the American Trucking Associations and Canadian Trucking Alliance, the special 75th anniversary event will be hosted by IRU member CANACAR, Camara Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga, during their national convention in Cancun, Mexico.

IRU is working with the trucking industry, public authorities and organisations via its members across the Americas to improve the efficiency, security and transparency of cross-border trade. 

Hard infrastructure needs to be coupled with soft infrastructure – the processes, rules and services that support efficient transport. Incompatibilities in laws and regulations can make transport operations particularly challenging.

The event, sponsored by Circuito Mexiquense, will feature IRU President Radu Dinescu and an interactive debate with leading industry figures from Canada, Mexico and the United States. 

IRU awards will also be presented to seven winners from Mexican road haulage carriers, and a special signing ceremony will take place for IRU’s Charter 75, reinforcing the road transport industry’s commitment to help people in times of crisis.