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IRU set to gather industry leaders at the Logistics and Innovation Forum in London
Europe | London

IRU set to gather industry leaders at the Logistics and Innovation Forum in London

4 Nov 2019

Leading figures from Amazon, Girteka and Bunasta will share their insights on this year’s theme – safety – and the innovation opportunities that lie ahead. 

Safety is one of the biggest challenges facing the road transport industry today. More than 3,000 people die on the road each day – amounting to almost 1.25 million deaths per year. With statistics indicating that between 85 and 90% of road traffic accidents are the result of driver error, significant progress is still required to make roads around the world safer.

Research conducted by IRU in 2018 found that for 92% of the road transport industry, improving driver safety represented a key benefit of the latest advances in technology and innovation. In fact, one in three of the transport companies surveyed rated safety as the top innovation opportunity. International organisations similarly recognised the importance of safety, ranking it alongside telematics and sustainability as one of the three biggest innovation opportunities. Transport operators also valued road safety innovation in terms of its potential to help their companies boost productivity, meet customer demand and gain a competitive edge on the market.

In response to those clearly identified needs for improved safety, and to capitalise on the corresponding innovation opportunities offered, the second IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum – taking place in London on 21 February 2020 – will focus on the importance of industry investment in innovation to make our roads safer. The Forum will offer attendees valuable networking and business development opportunities, bringing transport operators, suppliers and clients together to share their knowledge and the latest insights into developments in road safety.

What will be discussed 

Every death that takes place on our roads is one too many. Across the world, urgent action is required to ensure road safety for all road users. 

“Transport operators, the environment and society as a whole will benefit from easy-to-use and scalable safety innovations. These innovations will result in fewer accidents caused by human error, more comfortable driving conditions, improved mobility, and greater reductions in CO2 emissions,” said Sjoerd Boot from Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN), President of IRU’s Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators. 

Through its Logistics and Innovation Forum, IRU will bring together the key players in the transport industry and the leading organisations driving innovation, to discuss the next steps in implementing the latest road safety developments. 

Why you should attend 

Taking place at the Sofitel London Heathrow, the one-day Forum presents a unique opportunity to gather key insights on safety delivered by the industry’s top leaders, including senior figures from Amazon, Girteka and Bunasta. 

The event will feature a keynote session by Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics, Europe's leading asset-based transport company. Mr Kaas Mortensen will give his take on how technology can deliver safer and more profitable logistics.

By bringing together transport operators, service providers and industry users from around the world, the Forum will present the most up-to-date and market-leading insights available, as well as offering attendees valuable networking opportunities. At the event, the findings of IRU’s latest research report – which looks into the challenges and business opportunities surrounding road safety – will also be presented.

“We supported IRU in organising the first Logistics and Innovation Forum in Amsterdam in 2018,” noted Sjoerd Boot. “Following the success of that first edition, the Forum has evolved into a must-attend event for industry representatives looking to keep up to date with the latest innovations in the transport sector and meet like-minded colleagues in an inspiring environment.”

How to get involved

The IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum is now open for registrations. Tailored sponsorship opportunities are also available. There are a range of ways to get involved, from speaking slots and panel discussion places to sponsorship and partner packages – as well as unique networking opportunities.

The time to make road safety a priority is now. Whether you are an individual interested in the sector or a business operating in the industry, sign up to IRU’s Logistics and Innovation Forum now to gain key insights into the topic, as well as valuable networking and business opportunities. For further information, visit or contact us.