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Leading Italian transport association ALIS joins IRU

19 Mar 2018

ALIS joins IRU as the newest member to promote efficient intermodal transport in Italy.

Established in Rome in October 2016, the Association of Logistics and Sustainable Intermodality (ALIS) was founded as a not-for-profit association that promotes environmental sustainability through more efficient intermodality. 

ALIS now has more than 1,250 members throughout Italy and Europe representing road transport and railway companies, shipping and ports, terminal and freight forwarders. 

ALIS promotes sea, road, and rail connectivity for transport and logistics operators. 

ALIS’s mission is the internationalisation of its member companies, the development and growth of southern Italy, territorial continuity with Sicily and Sardinia, and the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Joining IRU offers ALIS the opportunity to share its vision in particular with IRU’s Commission on Services to Road Transport Operators. It is also a natural extension of ALIS’s work on behalf of its members to facilitate their activities, create new business opportunities, meet challenges, and be part of the global effort to promote and develop intermodal transport.