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rome dusk taxis lining up
Europe | Bologna

Integrated, personalised, on-demand urban transport: pilot project milestone for the future of mobility

24 Nov 2016

appTaxi – a partner of IRU’s global taxi network UpTop – is part of a pioneering Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) pilot project in Italy, coming into force in early 2017.

IRU’s UpTop member, appTaxi, which geo-locates customers and matches them to the nearest taxi, will be added to the integrated transport platform, myCicero, currently offering just parking, bus, metro and train.

The collaboration has been facilitated by IRU and the pilot will be organised in the framework of MOBiNET, a European Commission co-funded platform – with which IRU Projects is involved as partner – that provides the tools to enable interactions between users and suppliers of mobility services.

The project is a milestone for the implementation of MaaS in Italy. The idea of MaaS is to provide users with mobility packages tailored to their specific needs, by developing platforms which combine public transport with private mobility and on-demand services.

myCicero is already present in more than forty cities in Italy. By joining forces with appTaxi, it will be able to complement its network and expand its reach significantly.