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parked buses in terminal

IRU to work with new Latvian member dedicated to improving the coach industry

11 May 2017

The Association of Paneuropean Coach Terminals (APC) is a non-profit organisation that improves coach traffic and security by speeding up border crossings, removing and constructing new coach service areas, and creating homogenous traffic management systems for coaches.

APC’s main objectives are to increase public awareness of coach traffic in connection with promoting tourism and boosting economic development and setting up a centralised information system for coach traffic. It also seeks to harmonise service stands at coach terminals, co-operate with public authorities and create a central reservation system for coach operators and terminals.

Established in 2003 in Riga, Latvia, with its headquarters located in Berlin, Germany, its current membership includes 14 different European national associations and is open to all coach terminals and organisations associated with coach operations.