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Feedback sought to create common language for digital logistics

13 Jul 2017

A two-month public review concerning the e-CMR project has been launched as a next step in standardising a unique model, which will ensure compatibility between all future digital solutions for international road transport.

Published on the UN’s portal for trade facilitation recommendations and electronic business standards (UN/CEFACT), the Business Requirements Specification for electronic CMR comprises a template for feedback, which will provide a basis for the first draft of an approved e-CMR model for publication and review.

Boris Blanche, IRU Chief Operational Officer said,
“This review seeks to ensure that future digital transport operations speak the same language.  Specifically, the interoperability of e-CMR is critical to safeguarding security, compatibility and efficiency across the entire digital logistics map and we encourage our members and the wider industry to take an active part in providing feedback.”