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Tbilisi IRU conference 2017

Digital TIR poised to optimise data exchange at borders

7 Jun 2017

The World Customs Organization IT conference, The Power of Data – Advancing Border Management, held in Tbilisi this week, looks at IT border management solutions such as digital TIR.

Highlighting the success of the eTIR pilot project between Iran and Turkey, Umberto de Pretto, IRU’s secretary general, shows participants how data optimisation solutions, like computerised TIR, can address challenges at borders. Currently, up to 57% of transport time is related to waiting at border crossings, while 38% of transport costs result from unofficial levies.

With the full digitisation of TIR now feasible – as evidenced by the success of the Iran/Turkey digital transport operations – the global customs transit system is set for wider use, to ensure inter-operability and inter-connectivity of data at borders.

Endorsing the relationship between IRU and WCO, Umberto de Pretto also outlined the potential for seamless transport operations through the use of digital consignment notes.