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safety level crossing

Cross modal project kicks off to improve safety at European level crossings

23 May 2017

SAFER-LC (#SAFERLC) – a project to minimise risks at level crossings across Europe – puts IRU among 17 partners from the private, public and education sectors to prioritise safety at these critical danger points.
The initiative, which kicked off this month, seeks to develop a fully integrated cross modal set of innovative solutions and tools for the management and design of level crossing infrastructure.
With one person killed and close to one seriously injured at level crossings every day, each accident at a level crossing has a high human cost as well as financial losses of as much as EUR 1.7 million. In Europe there is an average of five level crossings per 10km of railway line, equating to over 118,000 level crossings across the Union, half of which are currently unprotected.
Safety drives all aspects of IRU’s work.