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vehicle on the roadin Jordan

Amman meetings focus on benefits of TIR expansion to the wider Arab region

22 Mar 2017

Jordan Customs hosted IRU at a workshop to boost understanding of the TIR Convention among regional customs officials, TIR guaranteeing and issuing associations and transport operators. Participants discussed the application of TIR and exchanged ideas on how to extend the global customs transit system across the region.

With a view to maximise the benefits of TIR, expansion plans were discussed as part of a strategic effort to build bridges and establish trust between customs, logistics partners and the wider business community.
The role of TIR in strengthening bilateral and multilateral relations between Arab countries and beyond was also reinforced. With bilateral trade between Arab countries as low as 10 – 15 percent, the application of the TIR system can support improved regional economic and trade integration.
H.E. Hussien Al Soub, Jordanian Minister of Transport, opened the session. He stressed the importance of increasing knowledge and skills among customs officials with respect to the facilitation and security features of TIR carnets, underscoring the importance of the global guarantee chain as well as the intermodal capability of TIR.
He said,
''The TIR Convention remains one of the key tools to regulate international road transport with its positive features of lowering transport costs and cutting border waiting times, which contribute effectively to the facilitation of international trade and transport movements''.
Participants gathered from TIR guaranteeing associations and high level Jordanian customs authorities across the region, as well as national transport operators from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria and the United Arab Emirates to better understand the practical applications of TIR, with security features and digital eTIR tools highlighted.