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Update on Ukrainian border crossings
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Update on Ukrainian border crossings

4 Mar 2022 · People, Prosperity

More than a week into the Ukrainian crisis, here is a quick summary of the current status of border crossing points with all of its neighbours, for commercial goods and passenger transport.

IRU and its members are continuing to monitor these borders and other impacts of the conflict on road transport, as part of its Flash info service. This is an online service for IRU members with real-time country information on road traffic, strikes, blockades and roadworks affecting commercial road transport.

  • Belarus/Ukraine: Borders remain closed.
  • Hungary/Ukraine: Borders are open. The rules for crossing borders in Hungary have not changed since the beginning of the crisis. Waiting times have however increased due to passenger traffic.
  • Moldova/Ukraine: Borders are open, except for the Kuchurgan-Pervomaisk crossing point, which is closed.
  • Poland/Ukraine: All border crossing-points are open. Vehicles with goods of Russian origin may have their cargo confiscated by Ukrainian customs authorities.
  • Romania/Ukraine: Borders are open. The Romanian Border Police are providing daily information updates on the situation at Romanian borders with Ukraine. You can find more on the English section of their website. In addition, the Police Border are also sharing the average waiting times at road border crossing points in this online application.

    Ukrainian authorities at the Orlivka border crossing point into Romania (RoRo ferry across the Danube) have started to release all trucks (including those carrying goods of Belarussian and Russian origin, or those heading onwards to Belarus and Russia), as of today, except for trucks carrying food products.
  • Russia/Ukraine: Borders remain closed.
  • Slovakia/Ukraine: Borders are open. The border crossing point from Višné Nemecké in Slovakia to Užhorod in Ukraine, the only one processing goods transports of over 3,5t, is open and trucks are being continuously processed. Transport of people has priority over goods.
  • Turkey/Ukraine (RoRo via Black Sea): No Ro-Ro movements are currently possible. All Ukrainian ports are closed until further notice. Trucks already in ports should wait for guidance from authorities.