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Top 3 reasons to invest in safety innovation - road safety, security
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Top 3 reasons to invest in safety innovation

8 Jan 2020 · People

According to IRU’s most recent study, one in three transport operators worldwide consider safety the biggest innovation opportunity. More than nine out of 10 companies have already implemented safety-driven innovations, with solutions ranging from vehicle technology and human elements to general operations. 

What are the main benefits of safety innovation? 

A boost in productivity 
Implementing safety solutions, be it through vehicle technical equipment, driver monitoring, certification or optimisation tools, means reducing the risk of accidents. This in turn leads to operations running more efficiently, delivery timelines being met and overall costs being optimised. 

Better reputation 
Your actions + what others say about you = your reputation. Safety innovation means going the extra mile, to protect drivers and more generally, road users. No matter how large or small, companies that have embraced safety innovation benefit from a better, socially responsible image. 

A younger workforce
Better safety tools equal happier employees. In addition to being stimulating, innovation cultivates pride and employee engagement. Which means investment in innovation features has the potential to not only attract a new generation of drivers, but also to give them a reason to stay. With the age of commercial truck drivers averaging 50, attracting millennials to the driver community is key for the next decade. Safety innovation features and easy to use technologies are one of the solutions.

Top 3 reasons to invest in safety innovation

What other benefits can you reap from investing in road safety innovation? And how will they impact your company? 
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