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Stop German & French minimum wage legislation for international transport

9 Nov 2016

IRU again calls on German & French authorities to postpone implementation of ‘MiLoG’ & ‘Loi Macron’ as essential requirements for compliance by road transport operators are still not met. Other EU Member States urged not to introduce similar legislation.

IRU has again called on German & French authorities to introduce a moratorium on enforcement of minimum wage legislation for international transport operators and again encourages the European Commission to finalise infringement proceedings as soon as possible.

The moratorium on minimum wage legislation was endorsed at IRU’s most recent statutory meetings by both its passenger transport and freight transport members.

IRU also urges EU Member States to support this postponement of enforcement and not introduce similar legislation of their own until legal clarity is established following the conclusion of the ongoing European Commission infringement procedures.

Jan Nemec, who leads IRU’s work in the EU said,

“Since March 2015 IRU has been highlighting the many unreasonable demands and discriminatory nature of both the German & French Governments’ introduction of minimum wage legislation in the international road transport sector. The Governments have failed to take on board any of those concerns, resulting in the European Commission’s enforcement actions.”

Jan Nemec concluded,

“It is unreasonable and grossly unfair to hard pressed international road freight and passenger transport operators for France or Germany to continue to implement the provisions of the ‘Loi Macron’ or ‘MiLoG’ legislation. They represent an immense and unprecedented additional administrative and financial burden for road transport operators. Implementation of the legislation should stop until the European Commission has given its verdict.”