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Safe, green, efficient transport for integrated economies and sustainable development

28 Oct 2016

IRU promotes seamless transport connectivity as the key to a sustainable and prosperous future, with TIR endorsed as the tool of efficient global transit.

Speaking at a conference in Minsk, Dmitry Cheltsov, who leads IRU’s work in Eurasia, stressed the need for harmonisation and a sustainable transport system to ensure seamless connectivity for goods and passengers.

He outlined how safer, greener and more efficient transport systems remain at the heart of the Sustainable Development Agenda and revealed how developing land-locked countries into land-linked countries, can provide comprehensive access to the sea, open new trade routes and contribute to prosperity and modern road infrastructure.

The event gathered together more than 130 high level stakeholders, focused on trade standards, transport infrastructure, the green economy, energy, investment and innovation, to collectively discuss and develop a vision for the region.

Commenting on the discussion at the transport and infrastructure panel, Christian Friis Bach, as its moderator, praised IRU’s management and modernisation of the TIR System, which he said is a trusted, transparent and affordable tool of global customs transit.

The conference, entitled “Laying the foundation in the UNECE region for economic integration and sustainable development towards 2030” was organised by UNECE and the Belarusian Foreign Ministry and focused on international cooperation to boost trade, development, prosperity and ultimately peace.