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Road transport mobilises funds to help in Ukraine crisis
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Road transport mobilises funds to help in Ukraine crisis

7 Mar 2022 · People

Along with offering their buses, coaches and trucks to help transport refugees and essential goods, the people of the road transport sector are also driving many spontaneous initiatives to raise funds to help people affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Here are a few examples.

In the Netherlands, the professional drivers’ organisation Transporteffect has already collected over €160,000, more than 30 times their initial target. The association is planning to go to Ukraine to help stranded drivers whose credit and debit cards are not working.

The industry is also directly supporting local humanitarian organisations in the area. Among those are UNICEF, UNHCR, the World Food Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross, local Red Cross branches and Save the Children.

Logistics giant Amazon has already donated large amounts and is waiving processing fees for donations made through its websites.

The wave of solidarity is even reaching further afield. In the United States, leading transport companies have come together as the Trucking & Logistics Professionals for Ukraine. The website highlights the US donations to the relief effort and encourages professionals in the US industry to donate.